How can the Camunda 8 License be applied for commercial use

How can the Camunda 8 License be applied to our business where we have given our customers to design and deploy BPMN of their own while using our solution ? I read the Camunda 8 license details and it mentions that such commercial usage is not allowed ? We currently have Camunda 7 CE, but we want to upgrade to 8 self managed version very soon but I want to know how to put the 8 license to commercial use. Please help.

Hi @Ashley1, welcome to the forums! Yes, Camunda 8 has a different licensing model than Camunda 7 and you would likely need an enterprise license. The best way to figure out what is needed is to talk with one of our sales/account reps directly. If you want to DM me your company, contact info, and region, I can have someone reach out to you; or you can fill out our contact form.

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I can do that and will. My question here was mainly on my understanding that you do not support commercial use of BPMN design for b2b scenarios with Camunda 8. So with Camunda enterprise do you have that option ? Any reading I can do to prepare myself on this please ?

@Ashley1 - I’m not sure what you mean by “BPMN design for b2b”, so I’m not sure if this answers your question …

  • Desktop Modeler is available free of charge for all users, and you can share your BPMN models designed in Modeler
  • Web Modeler is free for up to 5 users, and you can share the models
  • Executing those models with Camunda in production requires an enterprise license

Does that help?

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Thanks. I want my own customers to design and deploy BPMN of their own using our self managed Camunda 8 version we provide them. Will that be possible ?

@Ashley1 - ahh, thanks, I understand now! That’s a question that I personally haven’t been asked before, so I don’t know. Our enterprise sales team will be the team with the answers, as they know all the fine print of the enterprise licensing terms. If you want to send me a private chat on the forum with your contact information, I can have someone reach out to you directly and make sure they are aware of the context ahead of time!