How can we go next Task of camunda when we click button in html

Hi everyone.
I have been writing a project with spring boot and i prepared my model and I do not want to use any from of Camunda instead I want to create new forms with React js .when user fill a form of React and click on button ,I want system to go next Usertask of my Model and shows next form if it needs to show .

Hi @arsalan_fallah and welcome to the Camunda Community! Glad you’re here.

It sounds like you’re going to need to implement your own Task List. In Camunda Platform 7 you have full access to all of the APIs you will need in order to do this. You can start the Camunda Platform 7 run with the --swaggerui flag which will give you access to the APIs at http://localhost:8080/swaggerui

In Camunda Platfrom 8 the Task List API is GraphQL and you will only have access to the complete Task List API with an Enterprise LIcense or a subscription to the SaaS product.