How "Community leader board" scores work?

Hello my friends!

Does anyone have a better explanation of how the “Community leader board” scores work?

I remember that just yesterday, filtering by “All time”, I had more than 1060 points, and today I have 1022 again.

Is there any way to lose points?
Or would this be some behavior caused by the “migration” of messages between topics?

William Robert Alves

Hi @WilliamR.Alves! You discovered the Leaderboard before I posted about it :wink:

You earn kudos based on these metrics:

  • Daily visits
  • Flags accepted
  • Likes given
  • Likes received
  • Posts created
  • Posts read
  • Solutions accepted
  • Time read
  • Topics created
  • User invites accepted

I am not sure why it would have gone down, there’s no way to lose points.

I am adding tags and reorganizing the categories a bit, but that shouldn’t be removing any content or any points. :thinking:

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Thank you for the informations @miamoore !!!

this is strange…

somehow my score has dropped by about 60 points from yesterday to today. It would be interesting if someone could verify this.

William Robert Alves

Hello @miamoore!

As I mentioned in my previous posts above, I believe this might be a bug since theoretically there should be no possibility of losing points on the board. :thinking: :thinking:

As I also mentioned, I vividly remember being close to 1100 points. I can’t recall exactly if I already had 1100 points or not, but I know I was close. However, one day later, my points had dropped to 1022.

Please observe my screenshots below: the first screenshot I took was on August 1st, and I had 1025 points.
The second screenshot taken on August 2nd shows that I had 1024 points, which means 1 point less.

This screenshot was taken on August 1st at 2:42 PM.

This screenshot was taken on August 2nd at 12:54 AM.


William Robert Alves

Ah ha! I think I found the answer – in the first screen shot, you have “Year” selected, and in the second you have “All time” selected.

Right now, when I checked, you have 1031 points all-time. :slight_smile:

That still doesn’t explain why you had 1060 at one point and it went down. I will ask the extension developers and get back to you!

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Still don’t celebrate before time… hahahahahahahaha :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Do you agree with me that, if I have 1025 points “in the year”, how would I have 1024 “all time” (fewer points all time than in a year)… I put these prints just to show that in fact it seems like a bug to me.

And yes, if you check now, I have more points than I did yesterday, as I’ve had some forum action, answering questions.

Thank you in advance for your effort to verify this.

William Robert Alves

Ah, I was reading it backwards, I thought the all-time one was higher :sweat: Sorry about that.

I asked on Discourse’s forums, and the consensus seems to be:

It seems a bit strange that there have been this many changes though… so I will keep an eye on that thread and see if anyone discovers anything different.

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Hahaha no problem :sweat_smile: :smile: :smile:!

So… I didn’t particularly notice any of the changes mentioned by him…

But anyway, thank you!!
I’m available if I can help with anything.

William Robert Alves

I think I figured it out! I had created some new categories and those weren’t listed as scoreable categories, so anything that was moved into there most likely accounts for your lost points.

I need to talk to IT to run a command to backfill the data, but I think that will solve it! :tada:

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Hello @miamoore ! :smile:

I imagined that it could be related to the changes between new categories, because it was exactly close to this moment that they performed the migrations that I noticed the low score.

But I’m glad they apparently found the problem :smiley:

Once it’s resolved, please let me know here so I can close this topic by marking your answer as “solution”.

Thank you for your dedication to finding a solution.

William Robert Alves

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You were right! There are so many different settings hiding in different places, sorry it took a bit for me to figure it out. I will let you know when the backfill is run and see if that fixes it :crossed_fingers:

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Hi @WilliamR.Alves, we ran the command, do your scores look more accurate now? :slight_smile:

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Hello @miamoore ! :smile:
Yessss! Apparently from what I’m checking here, it’s now up to date!

Thanks for the quick fix.

As I usually say in my current company…: “One less problem to solve!
hahahaha :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

So I’m closing the thread by marking your answer as the solution!

Thanks again. :rocket: :heart:

William Robert Alves

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Hooray! :tada: Thank you so much for your patience!

I’m stealing “one less problem to solve” :stuck_out_tongue:

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