How do I add a “constant” to the workflow payload, in the BPMN model?

Enrico Hofmann: So the value of the variable should not come from an source input value, I will define it inside my workflow. How is this possible?

Josh Wulf: Custom Header. Headers are a set of key:value pairs.

Enrico Hofmann: But this is only possible for tasks, right ?

Enrico Hofmann: So there is no option do define it for the workflow, subworkflow ?

Josh Wulf: Maybe input:output mapping on the start event? That might require the input variable to be defined, or you may be able to put a FEEL expression in the input that evaluates to your constant, and just output it as a variable

Kristoffer Bakkejord: I have a workflow that takes a parameter company, if that’s not defined it falls back to unknown

Kristoffer Bakkejord: You could also just say

source: ="unknown"
target: company

In that case, I don’t think it can be overridden when starting the job (else my above stanza is redundant)

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