How do I best collapse sub process?

In the modeler version 3.0.1 I created an embedded sub process. When I choose “change type” in the context menu and pick “sub process (collapsed)”, I get layout problems with labels of sequence-flows.

In the modeler version 3.5.0, I do not find the “sub process (collapsed)” option in the context menu.

So how do I best collapse my embedded sub process?

Hi Dave,

In fact, the action of collapsing Sub Process has been disabled in Camunda Modeler 3.5. You can read the reasons for that in the release blog post.

In case you really need that feature, there is a bpmn-js extension which you could use to build a Camunda Modeler plugin that reenables the collapsing action.



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Thanks Maciej, I am now using call activities instead, passing all workflow variables.

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