How do I pass more than 4000 characters in a form to Camunda?

we have a form for starting a process (type: embedded or external task form). In this form it happens that the characters in a certain field are more than 4000 and therefore an error message appears:

“value too long for column text_ varchar (4000)”.

In the field we want to pass HTML code, so we quickly exceed the 4000 characters. And currently we are using string as data type.
Is there any way to pass more than 4000 characters in a form to Camunda? We have already read the possibilities to wrap the answer in an object and not in a string or to use camunda spin and json, however we don’t find a way to apply this.

How can I solve the problem?

Wrapping the string in an object is definitely the correct solution. Did you try defining your wrapper-type as “custom type” in the form?

Another option is a bit hacky, but working: Use “string” as the type of your text variable, but mark it “transient” … A transient variable will not be stored in the DB. Then use a Listener to read the transient variable from the execution and store it in a wrapped type programmatically.

i try to define a textarea in a embedded html form.
How can i set it to an object or a transient variable, that i can start a proccess with more than 4000 chars?

<textarea id="summernote" name="additionalInfo" cam-variable-type="String" cam-variable-name="additionalInfo" required ng-model="additionalInfo"> </textarea>

Hi @ghost,

check the handling of a JSON variable in embedded forms here: Working with Json Data |

Hope this helps, Ingo

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