How do I query the Tasklist API GraphQL endpoints for getting task list based on some variable value filtering/conditions?

Vivek: hi y’all, can anyone guide me on consuming the Task API GraphQL endpoints for getting task list based on some variable value filtering/conditions, am using a spring boot app and want to call the task api, camunda 8 cloud flavor.

Vinicius Goulart: Hi Vivek, unfortunately we have no way of filtering tasks by variable yet, we have in our plans for the Tasklist API improvements though

Josh Wulf: The nuclear option: query all, then filter locally…

Vivek: can we atleast query all tasks for a given process instance

Vinicius Goulart: We will be able to on 8.2.0-alpha4 and and 8.1.7 . We added the options to query by processInstanceId and processDefinitionId in these new versions

Vivek: is there a sample on github that showcases calling a task graphql endpoint from a springboot/java application

Vivek: since am little unfamiliar with graphql in general, want to see how to get all tasks with filtering on a process instance

Vinicius Goulart: With Spring I think we don’t. On our community hub we have this one in Java and this one in Node+NestJS

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