Hello all,

In task list, there are two button save and complete in the form.

Complete will save the form variables and moves to the next workflow accordingly.

  1. In REST API we use (/task/{id}/submit-form)
  2. In cls_camunda.php we use ($this->api->task->submitForm)

How do I save data (only form variables) in both cases (ie for save button)?

Please guide me.

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Harshal Temkar

@Harshal_Temkar, the save button saves the values of the current form to the browsers Local Storage. (it does not persist it to the database/server).

Variables are typically saved to the server on a action such as completion of a user task (, but you can look at using:

There are different ways to do all of this depending on your scenario. Would be best to read through the API docs in detail and get a strong understanding of the various APIs available and their comparative functions.

Hi @StephenOTT.

Please let me ask you a question on the function of Save button in an embedded user task form.
I have followed the following GitHub example
Add example on how to make Tasklist’s save button store vars in engine
but without any success in my case as the current values of my task form get lost when I switch to another tab or logout from the app.

Have you got any idea on this please, have you ever tried before to save the current state of a form ?

Thank you in advance,