How do I schedule a daily repeating process start event at a specific time?

Duy Truong: I want to schedule for daily at specific time to trigger workflow. Does zeebe support this ? Any links on how to implement that would be great.

Milan Lesnek: you can set up timer event with set up like
R/P1D => every day, infinitely
however I would rather use simple cron to start the workflow/process, because you can see then every individual process in operate + when it fails one day, next day it could be ok and you can just retry your failed day

Duy Truong: how can I setup the cron? <@U01TSRALQS2>.

Milan Lesnek: it depends, you can use|crontab on machine with linux, in k8s they have|cronjob, aws has some cloudwatch

saig0: In Camunda Cloud, Cron is not supported yet. However, look at the related forum thread here:

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