How do we know when an unclaimed task is claimed within embedded forms in cam-script

I use embedded forms to show data within a task , the code is written in lit-html and bundled using webpack , referred in the config.js in tasklist. The form loads perfectly.

I would want a way to know when a task is claimed so that i can enable few buttons within the form based on a condition if the assigned user matched the logged in user. Do we have an event that is triggered when a case is claimed so that i can listen to it in javascript within the cam-script

You can use Message or Signal Intermediate Events

Thank you so much @Radhika for your response , Is it possible to capture these events within the cam-script in embedded forms using javascript , like currently we have callbacks like form-loaded , variables-fetched which is available.

I’m in the same boat as @preeja. I really would love to get an answer to that.