How do we start sync workflow, wait for result and then continue long running work - NextJS

What language
NextJS using - '@camunda8/sdk

What the problem?
How do we start a workflow with sync call (createProcessInstanceWaitForResult), get the result from our workflow to update our UI and then let the process continue with the long running work?

Some example with code and BPMN
In the BPMN workflow example below, the Request Order will trigger the workflow using this code. And will wait for a result. Catch is, one of the service_task at the end takes up to 5 days to complete. That means this …WaitForResult will never return fast enough for the UI to update.

    const newProcessStarted = await this.getZeebeInstance().createProcessInstanceWithResult({
      bpmnProcessId: `OrderProcess`,
      variables: {
        productList: ["ProductA", "ProductB", "ProductC"],