How does a Process Engine Plugin get loaded in the Camunda Run distro?

I am learning how to write a process engine plugin and am using the example projects from GitHub.

Our organization plans on using the Camunda Run distro, but I can’t seem to get the plugin to be loaded after I put it in the configuration\userlib directory

I see that the camunda.cfg.xml file is supposed to be updated, but that file does not exist in the Run distro. Only the .yml files

Can someone point me to a full working template/solution of a plugin that gets loaded into Camunda Run?


@Niall , Any thoughts yet on plugin’s for the Run distribution? On the Q&A, you mentioned that we might have to perform our own build. Were you referring to us tinkering with the build of the docker image (this repo)? (Something like modifying yaml files and dropping in our jar files with commands in the Dockerfile.) Or did you have something in mind from the main Camunda Platform repo? (here)

Hi @DGilmour22
I do have something for you.
@rob2universe very kindly created this example which i think would be a great starting point.

Hi @DGilmour22,

I think you’re best off with the link Niall posted for now.
We want to make that process easier for people with You can follow that ticket for process if you like.


Hi @rob2universe
Can I ask a follow-up question here? I want the plugin to use some configuration values from the Docker/Kubernetes environment that Spring is going to pick up … could you enhance your example a little bit to capture an environment variable to use in the code?

I’m very newbie here. Thanks.