How does bpmn-js-token-simulation support multiple languages

Project Environment:
vue version: 2.6.11
bpmn-js version: 7.4.1
bpmn-js-token-simulation version: v0.11.1
I think this plugin is a very promising project, but one of the problems in using it is that it does not support language conversion.For example: Here is a plug-in in action. I want the content in the red box to be converted to another language. How do I do this?

Currently it’s not possible, but we would gladly accept a contribution to the library that makes use of the translate module. What you would have to do is to inject translate to each module where we use the labels and then pass the label to it.



function Log(eventBus) {
  console.log('Hello world');

Log.$inject = [ 'eventBus' ];


function Log(eventBus, translate) {
  console.log(translate('Hello world'));

Log.$inject = [ 'eventBus', 'translate' ];

Have a look also at this project.

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