How I can install camunda on azure with enterprise edition


I am new to camunda and want to install camunda enterprise edition of azure. Is there any link that can help?
And I have already tried to install a basic one.
Is this something similar or it is different as I need to give a license key and other stuff so didn’t find that in the above link.

Could you please help me here?

You would just need to run the Enterprise docker image instead of the community one. You’d also need to authenticate your EE credentials against Camunda’s own nexus to access the EE image. The rest is the same.

If you’re and enterprise customer you should create a support ticket and you’ll be able to get assistance from the consulting team.

@Niall Thank you for your quick inputs much appreciated. I will do that and check with camunda consulting team.

@Niall ,Just a very small question which credentials should we give while login in to jira support system of camunda when choosing first option(below screenshot)

Do I get any username and password while having enterprise edition or do I need signup with a new account ?

The Enterprise edition will come with a license key and authentication to download/access the EE artifacts.

To access JIRA you would have been asked by us for a list of named support contacts who would then be given access to JIRA. Whoever in your organization was part of the process of getting a license should know this information.

@GauravSinha check these pages: