How integrate zeebe-java-client (camunda 8) into oracle 19c?

Hi community.

I am deploying self-managed Camunda 8 with our Apex (Oracle) application.

Right now I want to use the java library (Maven Central Repository Search) and I am trying to upload the java library to my database Oracle 19c with the “loadjava…” command line

I’m getting a lot of errors and I can’t access the code.

Can someone help me with that? Or maybe some other option to use zeebe-java-client with pl/sql language into Oracle database ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Renzo ,

could you share the error logs?

Hi @Michal_Stefaniuk

Unfortunately I don’t have any errors to show, just this red cross.
I think it’s not possible to import this .jar to oracle database.

I was talking to the camunda team and they told me that there’s no native way to call gRPC from PL/SQL (it’s the language we use to interact with the database) at this moment, so I’d have to create a REST API that can leverage the Zeebe client to talk gRPC with Camunda.

Sounds reasonable, good luck!