¿ how is camunda configured with other languages?

I have configured the JSON files of camunda languages ​​as indicated in these links

“locales”: {
“availableLocales”: [“uk”,“de”,“pl”,“es”,“en”],
“fallbackLocale”: “de”,
copy the file (de.JSON) to the local folders of tasklist, cockpit, admin and welcome also configure the config.js files in each folder, well the truth is that it does not work even if I indicate the language in the config.js file What should I do someone can help me?


Hey @Aldo,

What browser are you using? The language is selected by the browser language, so make sure the browser has the correct language set.
After you copy the files, you might have to force-refresh the site to clear the cache.

If this does not work, can you show paste the path to the location of your translate files and execute this script in you browser console (F12) and share the result?


Hey Martin, the language of my browser is set in Spanish and English. Automatic translation disables it. I think it is not recognizing the json files. I already cleaned the chache. It worked with the task list but with Cocpit and admin it is not working because the word DASHBOARD appears. in front of each word and still in English, run the script on the console and throw this result, don’t I know what could be happening? oh and by the way thanks for the previous answer

console.log(navigator.language) console.log(Object.keys(JSON.parse(localStorage[“camunda-web”])).toString())

VM553:1 es-ES

VM553:3 /camunda/app/admin/locales/_locales_data_es_7.13.0-alpha2,/camunda/app/tasklist/locales/_locales_data_es_7.13.0-alpha2,/camunda/app/cockpit/locales/_locales_data_es_7.13.0-alpha2


Hey @Aldo, thanks for providing the info!

According to the log output, the browser loads the correct translation files.
Do I understand it correctly that when you say “DASHBOARD” appears, that they are the placeholder Strings (e.g. DASHBOARD_RIGHT_NOW)?

That would mean that the content of the file is not as expected.
Just to make sure: did you copy the es.json from tasklist to the cockpit locales folder? If that is the case, please replace it with the cockpit translations as they contain the correct labels. You can find them here: