How let the tables of camunda itself create into another schema

I am useing camunda work flow enginer with springBoot. But when i use the default config of the camunda to start application. The camunda will create lot of tables on my business schema. The question is how let the camunda create itself tables to another schema.

I tried config the camunda.bpm.database.schema-name to another schema name, But it doesnt work.

Can someone help me?

I am tyied use the camunda.bpm.database.table-prefix to camunda. And i alrady created a schema name as camunda. But camunda always create the tables of itself to my business schema.

Here is my config
camunda: bpm: datasource: table-prefix: "camunda."

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Hi @himly,

if you want to use a different schema then you must create the database tables by your own. It can only create the tables on the default schema. Additionally, you must set the table prefix in the configuration.

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Thanks you for your answer. But i think this design is bad.


What if we create a secondary datasource and point this source to the schema which we want to use with Camunda and then configure Camunda to use the secondary datasource rather than the primary. As the desired schema for Camunda will be the default database for the secondary datasource, Camunda will still be connecting to the “default” schema yet creating tables in our desired schema. Is this work around feasible?

Hi @Philipp_Ossler

How to use multiple schemas? is there an option?