How move the running activity to the specified position

Hello guys.
Here is my process definition image.

I have a strange demand.
I what move the running activity to the usertask or servicetask of I .specified
Let me with the process definition image to introduce what is actully I what to do.

Move the running activity of the user task of First approve to the user task of Upload extra info.
Any thougs ?

Camunda does have this feature. If you’re using the EE version you can just drag and drop the token.

If you’re using the community version you can use the REST API to move the token .

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Thank you very much. Can l ask a question of how to get the instance activity id of the token on.

In my case the token on the “First approve” activity and the instance id like something “xxxx-454654-441fdfd”.

The answer of why I want to get the activity id is I want move the token to another activity by cancel the running activity instance and start a new another activity instance.