How optimize in non camunda event ingestion

I am trying to use optimize to monitor and analyse non camunda process . Now I am using rest api to ingest events. I can see consolidated view/reports like no of success or failure or avg time or heatmap. Now is it possible to see a particular process id progression like we see in cockpit through optimize for a non camunda process? Is there any way or hack to get that view render from elastic?

Also would like to know if huge event requires bigdata , would optimize be able to work on top of bigdata to extract the reports?


Unfortunately at the moment, there is no way to view the progression from a particular process id. Getting that view render from elastic is also not possible as elastic queries only return data, however you could apply several filters on the reports to reduce the amount of data shown.

Additionally, optimize is not limited to supporting a specific amount of data, however this could depend on the setup of the machine you run optimize on. For more information, you could read here our documentation on how Optimize handles large data sets.

Hope this helps!