How standalone camunda can access secured rest apis spring boot

how standalone camunda server can access secured rest apis spring boot applications throw a gateway(in microservice arcitecture)

Its really hard to know what you’re asking.

Please provide some additional information on your issue. Usually, some useful things to provide are:

  1. Application server, database, JDK version, etc;
  2. Process engine configuration;
  3. The problematic BPM process;
  4. Steps to reproduce the issue or example project.
  5. Any logs/stack traces that are shown when the process is started.
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i work on a micorservice architecture using springboot with a gateway,keycloak authuntication server and a stand alone camunda which it’s modeler will talk to rest apis in microservice, so i want to make camunda authorized to access these secured endpoint, i attach the pbmn file as example it uses a conector to call rest api
diagram_5.bpmn (2.5 KB)