How to access database

I use docker-compose to run my process that created in camunda modeler.

  version: '3.1'
        image: camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:latest
        container_name: camunda_bpm
            - '8080:8080'

I use a form in one of the userTasks in my model.
I want to see that form’s value in database when I deploy my model.

please guide me

Hi @rezza72,

Can you provide some information on what type of form this is? (Start Event form, Task form) Is the form generated from the BPMN information, external or embedded (see the docs).


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The form type is Task form.
And created in bpmn model.

What can I do?
please help me.
I want to see my database tables. just this.

Hi @rezza72,

As the documentation I mentioned in my previous comment states, Task forms defined in the BPMN model are generated in the Process Engine from the XML data in the BPMN model. You can’t really see them in the database, unless you want to see the actual BPMN process XML (which you can also see in the Modeler).

However, you can use the Rest API to see the generated form. Please see:

Does this help?


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Thank you for your guidance.
I think I didn’t explain my problem as well.

I used a form with Boolean type in the first userTask in my model and I used a timer for that userTask.
I want the value of the first form set to false when the timer is fired.
I set that value in the Extensions section in my timer.

And now I want to test what I’ve done to see if it works.
Actually I want to see that form’s value.

Sorry, I know I’m very amateur and probably, I didn’t explain well.
Thank you in advance

Hi @rezza72, that’s completely fine.

From your last explanation, my understanding is that you want to create/adjust a form dynamically, according to some event (in your case, I assume it’s a Timeout Task Listener).

If my assumption is correct, you can check if this topic helps: Dynamic Form generation

Otherwise, please provide an example BPMN process of what you’re attempting to do, so I can have a look. Also, please provide the steps that you currently perform to test your implementation.


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Thank you so much.
I’ll read right now the link you mentioned.
I hope I can find the answer from the link.

This is my model.
I want when timer fired, form1 set to B value.