Dynamic Form generation

Hello everybody,
I’m new with camunda and i’m facing some problems.

This is my question : How can i generate checkbox dynamically from a list of String.

Use Case :
Example 1 : I have 5 options so i have to get 5 checkox in my form
Example 2 : I have 2 options so i have to get 2 checkbox in my form

Thank yoy very much

Hi, thanks for the question.
It is not clear what the Camunda is doing here. If you need to generate new interface elements, then using JS it is done like this:
< script >
var articleDiv = document.querySelector("div.article");
var elem = document.createElement("h2");
var elemText = document.createTextNode("Hello, world!!!");
</ script >

If you want to read some variables from the backend to the front-end, then this code will do it (adapt it to your own conditions):

<script cam-script type="text/form-script">
var variableManager = camForm.variableManager;

    camForm.on('form-loaded', function() {
      window.request = variableManager.variables.request;

    camForm.on('variables-fetched', function() {
      var your_variable = variableManager.variableValue('variable_from_cam');

Thank you Arthur for your answer.

Can you give me more details please ( i’m not good with html js), if you can give me html form with more details.

Thank you

I did speak somewhat superficially at first. Here is a simple example of dynamic widget generation that is fully compatible with the Camunda. The forum does not allow you to upload a file *.html separately, so copy this code to “test.html” and test it.

<script type="text/javascript">
	var countInput = 1;
    function addser()
	//Defining the element where we will place widgets
      var form = document.getElementById('dinamic'); 

	//Generating (so far programmatically) widgets that will be added to the form
      var checkB = document.createElement("input");
      var br = document.createElement("br");
	//We set the parameters we need for each widget
      checkB.id = "checkbox_" + countInput;
      checkB.type = "checkbox";
   //I recommend this format for recording parameters, because it will add absolutely any tag
      checkB.setAttribute("any_tag", "any_value");

	//Adding widgets to the form

<form role="form" name="form">
    <div class="control-group">
    	<input type="button" id = "usadd" onclick="addser()" value = "Add widget">
    	<div id = "dinamic"></div>

Good luck!