How to add a delay?

I’m not sure how to model a delay activity. I have a process that involves calling someone. If the call is busy, I want to do the same activity again, half an hour later. Is there any way to add a 30 min delay?

My diagram right now has a User Task (the user who tries to call) and then an exclusive gateway that asks for the outcome of the call. If the outcome is “busy”, I want to do the same User Task again, but after 30 mins have passed. How can I model this?

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I’d use an intermediate timer event after the user task. This can loop back around to the user task.

An alternate approach is just use comments and followup timestamps in user tasks in tasklist…


And if I use an Intermediate Timer Event, do you know if it’s possible to dinamically set the time to wait? For example, a Callcenter Agent Role has to call a client. The client tells him to call him again at a certain time. I would like the Agent to be able to fill in the time specified by the client, and then the Intermidiate Timer Event wait until that time.

Absolutely! You can use an expression in a timer definition. Hence your user task could setup the time to wait as a process variable and the timer could use the process variable. See 1 for details


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