How to add aditional Parameters to form key

we are using the community edition of Camunda and I am trying to build a workflow with external Task forms. Let me explain the scenario:

In our intranet we have our own tasklist. So we need to feed this tasklist with the user tasks from our Camunda engine.

Therefor I want to use the REST API:

The result JSON contains the formKey parameter. For example:

“formkey”: “

The GUI will be an Angular application, so I need to forward the taskID and the processID.

The formKey should finally have the following value:

“formKey” : “

In the Camunda Modeler I selected the user task and opened the “Forms” tab. I chose Type=“Embedded or External Task Forms” and in Form Key I entered “”.

I hope / think, that when I add “Form Fields” on the “Forms” tab, I can “append” the required values to the formKey URL.

What steps are necessary to get the required parameters to the formKey entry?

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Hi @Ironarrow,

I would try it with a task listener: Delegation Code |

Hope this helps, Ingo