How to Add Camunda BPM PHP SDK?

Hello, I’m new to PHP development and I need to know how to integrate BPM into my projects. I really did not understand the instructions that come in the official page.

Can someone help me please?

The PHP library: creates a wrapper around the Camunda Rest API:

By importing the PHP library into your project, you can have your project interact with the camunda API.

Hello everyone. I am new in Camunda and also in PHP and I hope my post is at the right place.
I try to explain my problem:

For a project I work with Tomcat and an Oracle database. Now, my task is to list all customers of a table and to show them in the tasklist. I think I can do it with a PHP List. But I don’t know how to install or integrate the PHP SDK. Unfortunately, the answers here do not help me either. I downloaded the library, but I don’t know where I have to save the folder and so on.

I hope you understand my question and can help me.
Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you!