How to add extensions, templates, and symbols

Hi…let me start by saying I have no development background. I don’t know XML and I can’t code an API. I need to add some BPMN symbols that don’t exist. For example, I need to add a conditional symbol. Kind of like an if/then situation. I see there is code for it but I have no idea what to do with it. Do I just copy and paste into xml? if so, where in the body and does any of the code supplied by Camunda need to change or will general code work?


You can “morph” any symbol to another symbol by using the wrench icon of the context menu.

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Hi! I can only morph my intermediate events into Start Event, End Event, Message Intermediate Catch Event, Message Intermediate Throw event, and Timer Intermediate Catch Event. I’m using Camunda 5.0.0. Is there a way to get additional symbols into the program?