How to add support for Joda object serialization

A few of the variables that are set in our BPM files are of org.joda.time.DateTime type. Whenever I try to view this variables value in Cockpit, I get the follow UI error:

Communication Error : The application received an unexpected 400 response from the server. Try to refresh the page or login and out of the application.

In the network call I see the following response:

Joda date/time type org.joda.time.DateTime not supported by default: add Module “com.fasterxml.jackson.datatype:jackson-datatype-joda” to enable handling (through reference chain:[“value”])

This also causes any API call to engine-rest/history/detail to return invalid json (the JSON response break when it hits this variable). How to I add support for this? Ive tried to create a ObjectMapper bean and register JodaModule, but doesn’t seem to help. Any example would be appreciated.

You have to build your own version of the cockpit and include there the classes you want to see. Or just look at the values in their serialised form