How to add Token simulation plugin to camunda modeler?

How to add Token simulation plugin to camunda modeler?

I was using camunda modeler version v3.3.2, i would like to simulate token for bpmn models. I tried adding GitHub - bpmn-io/bpmn-js-token-simulation: A BPMN 2.0 specification compliant token simulator. plugin to camunda modeler windows installation directory under plugins folder. But its not showing in modeler.

Is there any specific configuration need to be done?

Hey @aravindhrs,

The plugin that you are looking at can be used if you want to use the project for building a custom web based modeler. I believe that what you are actually looking for is the plugin for the Camunda desktop modeler.


P.S: Although the Camunda desktop modeler uses the source code of as base, the implementation details are different and hence the plugins are different as well. The Camunda desktop modeler plugin uses Electron to allow for the desktop app mode capability.


I had a little trouble installing the Token Simulator the first time I used Camunda, but it is relatively straightforward, as follows:

  • Go to the directory where Camunda is installed (e.g. C:/Camunda-Modeler/)

  • Navigate to the folder called ‘resources/plugins’ (e.g. C:/Camunda-Modeler/resources/plugins)

  • Download the Token Simulator into this folder and extract the plugin at this location

  • Restart your Camunda Modeller, and the Token Simulator will automatically appear when you open or create the BPMN tool

Hope this helps


Hi @Pete_Bains Thanks for you reply, this issue was resolved long back, this post is older. I’m marking this post as solved. So it will be closed to avoid confusions

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