How to assign task round robin in Camunda

Hi all,

Currently, I develop task assignment round robin using the task history service of the Camunda engine. But when the rule of assign task goes complex, I need to add more logic to handle, which makes the assignment service go fat as it. How did you implement task assignment in Camunda? With some common assign type: round-robin, load balance.



Do you need to assign to individuals? Have you considered allocating to a group and letting group members pull from a common pool of unclaimed tasks?



Thank for your response.
Honestly, our business requirement is assign task to one person in a group, using round-robin method or load-balance.

Can you please share the code or link ?
Since we have similar business requirement it will help me out in some way.

hi did anyone find a solution for round robin assignment

For both round robin or load balance, u can use history services task to get history assignee. The use that info to indicate the next assignee.

thank you , do you perhaps have sample reference code

I have but due to some policy of my company, I can’t share it. Sorry