How to authenticate tasklist and other components of camunda 8 using identity

Hi everyone,
I am new to camunda
I wanted to change the login credential of say tasklist (id: demo pw: demo) to something else like id: foo pw: bar and I wanted to do this using the identity component of camunda8
I have done with setup of identity and keycloak and I have created one user in keycloak and that user is reflecting in “user” tab of identity too. but I am unable to login with that user.
any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Hey @shaikhm357,
I remember that there once was a limitation in the “non-enterprise” offering of Camunda 8 self-managed, where you could not set any other credentials.
Not sure whether this is still the case. Tagging @ben.sheppard - he for sure knows more about this than I do.

Could you share some more insights on how you configured keycloak and identiy?
Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:


Quick add-on from our docu:
Have you seen these pages?

It says:

Creating a user in Identity is not currently supported. To create a user, see Keycloak’s documentation on creating a user.

That might be the solution to your problem :thinking:

thanks for your reply.
there was a problem with my .yml file.
this link helped me.

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Hi @shaikhm357!

I’m sorry for not responding sooner. I can see that the link shared by @Hafflgav helped which is brilliant! I wanted to offer a second solution to the problem although it is only applicable in certain scenarios such as testing and not designed for production situations.

Along side the creation of users in Keycloak you are also able to define a user via configuration variables, for example when we are developing for the Identity component we will use something such as the following to create a test user:


As I say, it may not be appropriate to your needs but I wanted to mention it!


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