How to auto-populate camunda 8 form default value one form to another form?

Scenario: I have two Camunda 8 forms: a user form and an approver form. User details submitted in the first form should be automatically populated in read-only format in the second form, along with an additional “Action” field (Approved/Rejected) for the approver.


2nd form

How can I use the first form verifiable here?
Any help or suggestion is highly appreciated , Thanks in advanced .

You can just duplicate the input form. Then, in the duplicate you can set all the fields to read only. That will then make sure that the variables created in the first form match the ones in the second form.

Then you just need to change the ID of the form and add the approve check box.

How can I access the first form, variable by which key name? I have tried with ${keyName} in 2nd form to access the variable, but it is printing in form as it is not coming the value.

1st form

2nd Form

You don’t need to change any part of the existing elements in the duplicate form.
if there is a value for the specified key, it’ll show up.

It did not show up.

Hi @tanaychauli ,

please share the data mapping between the forms with us!
If you don’t have any data mapping, the variables submitted in the first form will automatically appear in the second. The data is mapped via the “key” property. You do not need to define the default values.

Where did you execute the process?

Pro-tip: You do not need to duplicate the form: add a variable “isReview = true” to the second task and use the same form. Then feed in the value into the read-only property by clicking the “fx” button.

Let me know if it works!


Sorry not getting the data mapping point? What you exactly mean here?

Hi @tanaychauli

I’ve built you a small example that demonstrates how it works.

Thanks for your example I will test and update you soon

If I use select field, then data are not coming in view form

can you be more specific with the issue you’re having and perhaps upload your model and forms?

Can you please add one drop-down select field in Form 1 and populate the static data in the second form (approval form)?

Form 1

Form 2

When I test, Signature data is not coming in form 2

Can you upload the from?

Please check here: GitHub - tanay-chauli-maersk/CopyFormData: Copy from data from one another

It is working if I populate the form 1 drop-down data into the text field in the second form.
Thank You so much for your help

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