How to Call a bpmn inside current bpmn without waiting called bpmn completion?

What I want to achieve is that I want to call another bpmn inside current bpmn. I know there is call activity but, I don’t want current process to wait for completion of activity.

For instance, In this model, main process wait until Activity A is completed. I want to move all the process variables to activity A and, make main process not to wait Activity. If Service C is completed, so end this process.

If I cannot do that with activity, How can I do that?

Use a message to trigger the Bpmn rather than a call activity.

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If you want more details on how exactly to use messages, you can take a look at this tutorial on communication

Thank you for all your help. I start a new process with message event. for others who are facing this, below links helped me. I hope it helps you too.