How to call user task before service task


Expecting ProcessInstance {id=‘5’, processDefinitionId=‘ServiceTasks:1:3’, businessKey=‘null’} to be ended, but it is not!. (Please make sure you have set the history service of the engine to at least ‘activity’ or a higher level before making use of this assertion!)

is the error that I am getting, when placing a user task before service task. I am trying to implement a front end input over camunda.


The user task has a forms key: embedded:app:forms/Anfrage.html

The following service task is a delegate (Java Class) and after the two tasks comes a gateway.

I would like to create a nice looking input form. I am always using the start process option, as of now. For the purpose of presentation, I would like to have a nice input form. Any solutions?

Hey @vinceroland,

The error comes from your test? If you include a user task you have to simulate the user within your test. So you have to take the task and complete it. With the Camunda Assert Library you can do the following:


You can attach a form to the start event. Then you could skip the user task and attach the Anfrage.html directly to the start event. The user would still need to start the process from Tasklist and after selecting the process name the form will show up.

Another solution could be that you externalize the process start from Tasklist. You can build your own page for the user and by submitting the input data the external page can sent a restcall to Camunda to start the process .

I hope that helps


Hello Nele,

I packed it into the start process. It worked fine with that. I am going to look into the Camunda Assert Library for further testing on other classes. Thanks for the help.