How to can connect form to a BPMN diagram in Desktop Modeler 5.2.0

I am currently trying to embed a form in Desktop Modeler 5.2.0 for BPMN (Camunda Platform 8.0). I can’t find a way to add the form to my user/human task. Is this no longer possible with the Desktop Modeler, since the documentation also refers only to the web version?

The supoort could not help me and referred me to this forum, unfortunately I did not find the point here.

I found the following two instructions in the documentation:

I can’t execute the following step in Desktop Modeler:

On the right side of the selected user task, select the blue overlay with three white horizontal lines to open the navigation menu.

Because the blue with three white horizontal lines is missing (see image).

Is there any other way except to paste the JSON?

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The documentation you are referring to is for the Web Modeler used for Camunda 8.
In the Desktop modeler, forms need to be referenced via the properties menu on the right (see Fig. 1).

  1. Click on your user task
  2. Go to the properties menu on the right and expand the Form tab
  3. For Type, select “Camunda Form”
  4. In Form Reference enter the ID of your form
    You can find the ID of your form by opening it in the modeler and navigating to the General tab in the properties menu on the right (see Fig. 2). It is important that no field is selected. I also recommend renaming the auto-generated ID to something more descriptive.

Thank you, but not very helpful.

As I have already written, the documentation is only for the web version:

Your example is for Camunda Platform 7. My question refers to Camunda Platform 8:

In Camunda Platform 8, your step 4 is missing:

I can only specify JSON. The link How to link a form in Fig. 2 takes me to the page: User tasks > User task forms There is a link to the page: Building forms with Modeler The explanation for the connection is for the Web Modeler. As I wrote I want to connect the form and not paste it as JSON.

I have also already tried it with Custom form key.

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in Camunda 8, there is currently no other way than copying the JSON.

Thank you, I close the question.

Hi @StephanHaarmann
Thanks for the solution - but I am not sure if I like it :wink:.
Are there any plans to do this also for the desktop modeler?

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Hi @pme123,

I don’t know.
The problem with the desktop modeler is that files can be moved and altered. Any link that has been created becomes invalid, and our model stops working.