How to change default datePattern?

According to Camunda Docs - extension elements for FormFields there is the datePattern attribute. While it isn’t possible to specify it as an attribute in the Modeler it can be done in the XML file.

      <camunda:formField id="German_Date" label="Enter date in German format here" type="date" datePattern="dd.MM.yyyy">

Note: Don’t do it if you’re using generic forms as the frontend validator doesn’t honor this setting [which is likely the reason that the attribute isn’t available in the Modeler] and must be changed itself.

Question: How can I change the default datePattern (which is set to dd/MM/yyyy)?
Additional question: What is the best way of changing the frontend validator in the generic form handling (which obviously should be best automatically set to the pattern used in the camunda field definition)?

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It seems that you mistyped something in your code snippet.
Did you try with
<camunda:formField id=“German_Date” label=“Enter date in German format here” type=“date” datePattern=“dd.MM.yyyy”>
Or this is from documentation somewhere, if this is the case could you please share the link to it.

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Yes, you’re correct, the “value” part was wrong, I’ve removed it.

But the main question stays: how to change the default datePattern (= the one that is used if no pattern is explicit set)?