How to change demo password of Operate?

I did start Operate the first time, with all defaults, which are bundled in the Docker image.
Now, when I’m able to log-in, the user/pass is demo/demo.

Unfortunately, after I set the ENV VAR: CAMUNDA_OPERATE_PASSWORD with a proper passwd
the password still is ‘demo’. I’m guessing, the user+pass are store in Elasticsearch, no?

How can I change the password?

Hi, Operate requires a license to use in production. It is licensed for use in development and evaluation scenarios only - see here . For production deployment of Operate you need a commercial license, which includes technical support for configuration.

Here is the channel to get information on a production license for Operate:

Hi Thomas,

thank you for reminding me about that.
Besides some other technical issues I’m trying to make an evaluation :wink:
I also asked for a quote already.
That said - our TEST environment is also public available
and I would like to get rid of the default ‘demo’ password.

Meanwhile I learned how to drop Operate’s data from Elasticsearch and
by accessing Elasticsearch API directly, I’m able to delete all indexes from Operate,
in order to re-initialize it with a new user/password.

I hope that this sub-optimal user experience will not make any influence on the evaluation.

Best regards

Hi Martin!
Sorry for the time it took me to reply but I have been on a long weekend off.

I checked internally once again and it turned out that it is not possible to change the password after Operate was first started with the default one. The only hacky possibility is to change it directly in the ELS index.

Another possibility would be to use and IAM in order to manage users in Operate. Check out this link from our documentation.

Hopefully this helps you out!

P.S.: I messed up a link in my previous comment. For the Zeebe Enterprise version you should rather visit this website. :slight_smile:

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