How to change size of input field?

Hi at all,
I have an input field in my tasklist form, that I want to resize. For now there is only one long row. However I want to have multiple rows. The user is able to put in 300 characters in the input field. I want to have one row for about 100 characters.
The input field looks like this for now:

    <label for="detailled_description">Detaillierte Beschreibung</label>
    <input class="form-control"

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

try with

<input type="textarea" rows="1" cols="100"/>

Hi @cjacob,
Thanks for the quick response.

I added type=“textarea” rows=“3” cols=“100” to my code, but I got only one row of 100 characters, not 3 rows…

then I’m out of ideas. Perhaps you look if this is because in HTML5 the number of rows have to be configured as a style attribute, or that it is a problem of your browser.

I got the solution,it is easier then I thought. I just had to use textarea instead of input.
My code looks like this now:

                maxlength="120" />

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

There is one problem with this solution:
The cols attribute is not working…
I can write the whole 120 signs in one row, but I want to have only 30 characters in one row…

Update: The row attribute is not working too. I can write as much rows as I want.

Does anybody has an idea on this?