How to check history level in Camunda

How to check history level in Camunda

Hi @sureshv, what do you mean exactly?

Operate is a component that provides runtime and history view of your Process Instances. Optimize is a BI component to monitor your KPI’s and analyze history.

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In our environment camunda was installed but we didn’t set any history level. As I know there are four history levels .By default which history level will be there?
If not how to check which history level was set?


Hello @sureshv ,

I think you are referring to Camunda 7.

This value can be found in the process engine configuration of the process engine api.

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Hi Jonathan, are you referring to the REST api? If so could you point me to that API documentation?

Hello @AquaCola ,

no, I unfortunately not.

I mean the process engine configuration which exists as Java API or as xml configuration, depending on the used distribution.

Some more details can be found here: Process Engine Bootstrapping |


If you have access to the database, you can also check what’s set in the ACT_GE_PROPERTY table for NAME_=‘historyLevel’

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