How to combine camunda, restful, java and angular

Hi guys,

From an html form I need to enter a person’s id,
send it through a restful webservice to the backend,
fetch the person’s name from the DB, send it back to
the frontend and show it in the html.

I would like to use the java api and restful webservices
to transfer parameters,
but I’m confused if I can use both APIs.

I would appreciate a lot your help and orientation.


Are you using camunda tasklist or your own front end app? If your own app, what is the tech stack in it ?

My aim is to use java and my-sql as backend tools,
Angular, html in the frontend and restful web-services
to transfer data.

How would I combine this properly with camunda ?

Thanks Stephen.

Hi Christian,

You can use the Java API and the REST api in Camunda to get and set variables for the process instance or for an activity instance. Where and when to do this depends on the model and on the specifics of what you are trying to do.


Nice. Thanks Paul, it´s getting clear.
I appreciate your time in answering.

Cheers !