How to communicate with Zeebe when using external forms

I have created a form manually with HTML and Javascript. I am sending a POST request to my Go backend script that exposes an API endpoint. I want to start process instances and pass the values using Zeebe, in order to track the process.

What I have tested: I was using an embedded form - that I had created it with Desktop Modeler - before. And it was working fine. But since the Desktop Modeler has restrictions on styling the form elements, I used an external HMTL form.

Hi @okaeiz - I’m not sure I fully understand the question. Your backend can call any of the exposed Camunda APIs. To start a process instance, you would make the CreateProcessInstance gRPC call to Zeebe, and you can include the values from your form in that request as variables. The best practice would be to have your backend communicate with Camunda/Zeebe, rather than your frontend.

Could you please share a sample snippet in Go?

Hi @okaeiz !

I recommend you to read the following docs:

This should give you a sufficient overview of the relevant APIs for your case, and also how to overcome missing styling of forms in Modeler (you can simply do that on your end, and do not need to build all forms from scratch).

Let me know if this helps!


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