How to compare two String variables in expression?

I want to write expression which return if var A is equal to var B. When I do this:

<bpmn:conditionExpression xsi:type="bpmn:tFormalExpression">${A == B}</bpmn:conditionExpression>

it gives false. Same to this:

<bpmn:conditionExpression xsi:type="bpmn:tFormalExpression">${A} == ${B}</bpmn:conditionExpression>

any other ideas?

@wBacz, you can try like this below:

<bpmn:conditionExpression xsi:type="bpmn:tFormalExpression">
       #{variableA == variableB} 

didn’t help…

@wBacz it’s working for me.

Deploy this bpmn and verify: EqualityCheck.bpmn (5.6 KB)


How you get “exclusive” option in the exclusive gateway?

@wBacz select the gateway activity, and then expand the properties panel, you can find the options.