How to compile Spring Zeebe 0.7.0 with java 8?

Hi Team
My zeebe version is 0.21.1 and spring-zeebe-starter is 0.6.0.
During system running, I got a few deadline exception.
In order to eliminate compatibility Issues I compile the Spring Zeebe with java 8.
Unfortunately I got a issue as below when executed the install step.

I set the java version to 1.8 in the POM but doesn’t work.

@i.m.superman you will need to exclude any broker dependency which is Zeebe Core and it heavily depends on JDK11. Also notice that the error in your stack trace is that the build is running with the flag --release which is not supported in JDK 8… so you will need to change that as well.
We will provide compatibility in 0.8.0 by removing the broker dependency.

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@salaboy Thank you for your reply.
Is SpringZeebe compatible with JDK 8 in 0.8.0 ?
What time it will be released ?

See - we plan to revert Spring Zeebe to be compiled with Java 8 - so yes - the next release will be Java 8 again.

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As a workaround, use Java 11 - or just use Node.js, which doesn’t suffer from this.

Edit: That’s a joke, btw - like any technology, if you switch to Node you won’t deal with this issue, you’ll deal with other, different issues…

@i.m.superman: I just released a 0.7.1 version that is Java 8 compatible again. Sorry for the confusion


Thank you so much.
I will try it.