How to complete a "USER_TASK" in zeebe-client of version 1.1.0 stable?

How to complete a “USER_TASK” in zeebe-client of version 1.1.0 stable?I can’t find a api that could requet the broke to complete a user-task.
Did I ignore something?
I’m a beginner. Please help me.
For example:
What shall I do,if want to complete the user task in client(java)?

Hi @670017569,

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Usually, user tasks are performed by Tasklist. A user claims a task and completes it using the application.

However, if you really want to complete the job by a client then you should use the same API as for service tasks.

All user tasks have the job type io.camunda.zeebe:userTask as described in the docs.

You could get the jobs for example by using a job worker. Then, use the complete command with the key of the job.

Does this help you?

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Thank you for your reply.I probably know how to do it.

Hi @philipp.ossler,

I am also looking into completing user tasks using using zeebe client without using Tasklist, but my scenario is a bit more complex. I want to save all user tasks in a db, which will be later displayed in a web app where users will be able to complete this tasks.

Can a ZeebeWorker subscribed to “io.camunda.zeebe:userTask” user tasks jobs , receive a job , save it in a database without completing the job ? Will there be any timeout errors? Is this approach the best practice to complete user tasks without Tasklist, if not which approach would be best ?

Thank you !

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Yes, if you set the timeout high enough when activating the job.

What language client library are you using?


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Hi @jwulf,

I am using java (micronaut) client : GitHub - camunda-community-hub/micronaut-zeebe-client: This open source project allows you to easily implement Zeebe Worker with Micronaut: simply add a dependency in your Micronaut project
It doesn’t look like the micronaut zeebe client can have a job timeout per job worker, it supports only a default job timeout, but for this I can open an issue with the maintainers.

Another question for this approach is how to get a user form associated with a user task job ? it looks like the form is not included in the job, there is only a reference to it : “io.camunda.zeebe:formKey”:“camunda-forms:bpmn:userTaskForm_1mrrklq”

Thank you

Hi @Cristian_Briscaru ,

I just stumbled across your post here.

The issue regarding the annotation based timeout has been fixed: How to add @ZeebeWorker(timeout = 1000) timeout · Issue #93 · camunda-community-hub/micronaut-zeebe-client · GitHub

Release 1.6.0 has been released today.

Regarding your question to retrieve the form: I would have thought that you inject the ZeebeClient and then use one of its methods to create query - but I don’t see any option to resolve the form. Sorry.

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