How to configure due date and follow up date in Camunda 8?

After adding due date/follow up date (2024-03-01T17:52:10+05:30). Getting Error like-

Command ‘CREATE’ rejected with code ‘INVALID_ARGUMENT’: Expected to deploy new resources, but encountered the following errors:
‘User_POC.bpmn’: Unable to process unknown element with name taskSchedule [ deploy-error ]

How can I resolve this issue? if we need to add any extension for that then how to add extension?
Please help me out to resolve this.

Can you share the BPMN file for review?

Hi @Alex_Voloshyn
please find the attached bpmn file.
User_POC.bpmn (5.7 KB)

What Camunda platform and Camunda Modeler versions do you use? Is it self-managed or SaaS?

Using Camunda 8 self managed . Modeler Version is 8.4.

The weird thing is that I see no issue with your BPMN. I’ve tried it with Camunda SaaS with Camunda Desktop and Web Modeler. The only difference is the Camunda version which is 8.3.4 in my case.

Hi @Manish_Tiwari ,@Alex_Voloshyn ,
I have tried to deploy and start an instance with 8.4 version
No issues found for me as well

@Alex_Voloshyn and @Praveen_Kumar_Reddy
What can I do now? any code changes/configuration you did for dates in java?
for me its not working.