How to configure email in camunda optimize

hi there,
am trying to configure email in camunda optimize as given instruction in docs . I struggle where i want to configure can any one guide me

Hi @kamalkriz

you can find the email configuration settings here:

Are you running Optimize as a trial? If not, feel free to also open a Support Ticket in Jira for this and we can try our best to help you :slight_smile:


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Hi @felix-mueller ,
Yes am running optimize as a trial.i have gone through docs but i don’t know were should i configure email should i add the code in environment-config.yaml file …and i have no idea were should i do

Yes, you should use the environment-config.yaml file.
You can find an example in this file on how to configure email in the environment-config:

It is described in this section:

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Thanks @felix-mueller solved my issues :heart_eyes:

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