How to connect Camunda H2 embedded database

Hello I tried both approaches from there:, by xml file and Java Config beans. I’m using Camunda with Spring Boot. While configuring beans on @Configuration class I got Camunda tables in the database. Hint: Set <property name="databaseSchemaUpdate" to value="true" or value="create-drop" so I tried with camunda.cfg.xml but then nothing happens. There is no mapping on http://localhost:8080/h2/h2 endpoint. Is there any tutorial step-by-step which explains how to make it work?

Ok its resolved. I addedd some jdbc dependency and it worked :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh Great !!!
where is solutions?

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A bit more details on your solution would be nice. Mind sharing?

What exactly are you trying to do and what isn’t working?

Was trying to view the data in the Camunda database, but I’ve never worked with h2 before.
Found a post on StackOverflow that solved my problem to connect to the internal database by just changing the JDBC URL to jdbc:h2:mem:testdb
As it would often happen, I found the solution shortly after the post was made.


Thanks for sharing the answer with the community.

@Niall the way @hendrikvn connected in spring boot, how can we connect to H2 database in tomcat distribution ?, this is the webapps structure
localhost:8080/camunda works
but connting to h2 using localhost:8080/h2 does not work

Can you guide me here thank you


Hi @teja_polisetty,

You can access it through the URL

Then use sa as password


hi @hassang
Thanks for the quick response, i was able to connect

How can i decrypt the pwd (sha512)?
As i can see hash and salt in image, but there will be “word” as well right.
For example i want to decrypt pwd here:
i would need “word” along with hash and salt

hello @teja_polisetty
How did you resolve the issue of not working with 8080/h2 and working with 8080/camunda?