How to Connect .NET WEB API With camunda?

Hi, I am trying to connect with .NET Web Api with camunda using a connector but am not able to connect. Could you help me out to connect?

Hi Team,

I am waiting for the replay.

Hi @Githiyon1

I would love to help but you need to be more specific about what you’re doing and what’s going wrong.
Explain how you’re using camunda including the version.
Upload your model

Hi Niall

when I am selecting connector I am getting input and output labels separate?

Why so?

You should probably read up on how they can be used.
It’s also a good idea to decide on if using Connectors are the best choice for you.
You can find details on the various ways to make rest calls from Camunda in this example:

Hi Niall, can you provide the post-call connector example with API?