How to connect postgres db with Camunda 8 Self Managed environment

I am willing to make a database connection specifically Postgres DB with my Camunda 8 self-managed environment to store the process variables and other details I cannot find a particular documentation for. From this thread: Connection to postgresdb of camunda8 self managed from Spring-boot app I came to know that it is not possible to do so, instead we can use Elasticsearch Rest APIs, So it would be great if someone can guide me upon how to use the Elasticsearch APIs as well with some examples. Thank you

Hi @Altmash_Siddique - I am not sure what you’re asking, unfortunately. Here’s some brief technical details that may help:

  • Zeebe brokers store data in a local database; they cannot use external databases
  • Zeebe then uses an exporter to export events and data. By default this goes to Elasticsearch, but other alternatives are officially support (for instance, OpenSearch)
  • You could write a custom exporter that exports to Postgres (I do not think one already exists), but I am not sure that Postgres is a great data store for the streaming data

There are many ways to interact with Elasticsearch, but I don’t know what you would like to do. What is it you are looking to query out of Elasticsearch?

To clarify a point from the previous thread: the Postgres database in that configuration is used as a datastore primarily for Identity (and if you have an Enterprise license, Web Modeler also). You could connect to it and use it as a datastore for other data, but I would recommend using a separate database instance for that. This helps ensure the stability and availability of included Postgres instance.

Hi @nathan.loding, Thanks for the reply. I am now able to use Elasticsearch for my requirements. Thanks!

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