How to connect the result of a form with a XOR gateway?

Hello! I have a really simple BPMN diagram in which I have a user task and then follows an exclusive gateway. I have connected a form with the task. The form contains only a radio with two options, approved or rejected. I would like my proccess instance to follow the corresponding path of the gateway according to the result of the form. Can I somehow connect the variables in the condition expression of the flows that follow the gateway with the JSON code of the form? Or is there any other way?

Each form has a property called key. The name of the key is the name of the process variable. Camunda will store user input automatically to the respective variable, which you can use in the conditions of your gateway.

Thank you, this was very helpful! I set the condition expression of each branch of the gateway to the equivalence of the key you mentioned with its corresponding value of the options of the radio in the form and it worked perfectly!