How to contact with camunda?

Hello. Some weeks ago I had tried to contact with camunda through but i hadn’t received an answer yet…well one day i recieve an answer to make an appoinment and i did it but it seems they had problem with the schedule because i am in a zone UTC-6. Maybe a contact in USA would be helpful because they have only 2 hour s of difference with my country.


Hi Juls,

Sorry that you haven’t gotten fast enough communication from the team, If you can send me a private message with the details of the request that you made i can look into it for you and hopefully get someone to answer you.


Thanks for your replay.
Where can i send you a private message?


@juls click on the profile icon and you can hit message button and send your queries.


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Hello. That message button it doesn’t show me.

@Juls navigate to your profile page and you can find option like this:

Hello @aravindhrs
As you can see in the image I guess the problem is that i don’t have permission to send messages. I haven’t enabled the option to create messages.
I don’t know why.

I fill a form to schedule a 15 minutes meetting with Anthony Mutton, with a time in the time zone of Costa Rica (GMT-6) like this picture:

But it seems he is 8 hours ahead of my country.
I have proposed to schedule at 9 am that would be 5 pm in Germany but I have not received an answer. Or maybe using whatsapp?? My number is +503 77423623
it is difficult to get in touch with camunda

I’ve tried to get a quotation from but i hadn’t received any answer yet.

Could you please forward my request to the right person please.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Niall
Sorry for asking you this basic question. I have been using Camunda open source to learn the basics recently but am now trying to download Camunda enterprise platform (Enterprise Download | However, the popup below shows up. Is this cloud secuity? What credentials do I need to get stated here? Sorry as most of the steps here are new to me.


Not a problem at all - you just need to go here and register for credentials then you’ll get an email with a user name a password you can use for the download as well as a license key to unlock the features of the EE version.

Thanks Niall,
Will definitely try that out & let you know. Appreciated.

Hi @Niall

I would like to explore EE version for some business needs.
I registered for getting the credentials using my work email, but I haven’t received any email.

Hi @Vishnu_G
Usually the email arrives quick fast after you apply, unless you already have a trial associated with the email address.
You should check your spam folder or perhaps try a different email address

@Niall Thank you for the response.

I haven’t got the mail till now. I tried with my personal and official mail ids and my colleague also tried with his work mail. No email came to us as of now.

Just so i’m clear.
You’re using this form?


Yes I am using this form.

As a response of filling the form I got message like ‘We have sent you an email with your license key’. But no email came to my account.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.
I’ll have a check to see what the problem is.
Can you send me a message with the email address you used to request the license.

Hi Niall,

Sorry for the delay, however I got the mails by yesterday. Thank you for the support.